Gandhinagar: The ACB team has got great success in the state capital. A Class-I officer has been caught taking bribe in Gandhinagar. NN Mehta, a city planner in Gandhinagar, has been caught taking a bribe of Rs 15 lakh. In which the city planner as well as another assistant planner have been caught taking bribe. It is learned that in this incident a bribe was sought for the land for the petrol pump NA.

According to the information received, the city planner N.N. Mehta and another assistant planner have been arrested by the ACB team. Two plots were handed over by the Collector of Shertha village in the name of the plaintiff’s wife and an application was made to Gudama for the final measurement of these plots. However, for the size and opinion of this plot, Gandhinagar town planner N.N. While Mehta (Class-I officer) and another assistant planner demanded a bribe of Rs 15 lakh, the accused who filed a complaint in this regard were taken into custody.

Severe heat wave forecast for two days in the state

A big forecast of the State Meteorological Department has come in front of the heat. Severe hitwave is expected in the state for two days. It will rain in Gujarat, the fire mercury can go up to 45 degrees. Severe heatwave is expected including Kutch, Banaskantha, Patan, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Mehsana, Porbandar, Surendranagar, Rajkot.


Orange alert has been issued in some areas of the state. The highest temperature ever recorded was 45 degrees in Kandla. The citizens of the state have raised slogans of sorrow over the fire. In ten cities of the state, the summer temperature crossed 41 degrees on Thursday. The Meteorological Department has also issued a yellow alert in North Gujarat, Saurashtra and Kutch for the next three days. In Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, the temperature crossed 43 degrees in April for the first time in two years. According to the Meteorological Department, there is still no chance of the temperature going below 42 degrees in Ahmedabad till April 16.

Today Banaskantha, Gandhinagar, Patan, Porbandar, Surendranagar, Rajkot, Amreli, Banaskantha, Gandhinagar, Patan, Porbandar, Rajkot, Surendranagar, Amreli on Saturday.