Naresh Shah, president of the All Gujarat Board of Trustees, has complained to the Governor, Prime Minister and others that they should resign in disciplinary action against Gujarat Education Minister Jitu Vaghan.

In Rajkot, Education Minister Jitu Vaghan has lodged a complaint with the President, Governor, Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Election Commissioner and Speaker of the Assembly against the statements of those who do not like education in Gujarat. Even before the children were studying in the open, then a big action was taken against their statement in the Gujarat High Court.

Who are you to ask Jitu Vaghani to leave Gujarat and go somewhere else? Do you consider yourself a public servant? How to become a boss? What is this hypocrisy? These people will ask questions not once but a thousand times and every time you have to answer. You are well aware of the education situation in Gujarat and if not then you should not hold the post of Education Minister. Look at the plight of parents as they spend more than half of their earnings on the education of their children. Looting is going on in the name of fees, notebooks, dress, transportation and you become complacent and call Gujarat’s education the best in the country.