Surendranagar : The Bhogav ​​river in the city’s Wadhwa is notorious for its sand mining mafia. But due to these sand mafia, the river has become very deadly. Even God cannot know when and where the pit will come in this Gojri river. Two of the three children who went to bathe today died on the spot. When a child has been taken for treatment. On receiving information about the incident, Wadhawan police and fire brigade of Surendranagar Municipality reached the spot and further investigation is being done.

The incident took place at Wadhwa in Surendranagar when a child who was taking a bath in the Bhogav ​​river died due to drowning. Dodham came in panic due to the sudden drowning of three children in the Bhogavo river in Wadhwa of Surendranagar. Two children were killed in the Gojri incident. However, due to the suspicion of the people around, one child was saved. But after this incident, there is huge dissatisfaction among the people regarding illegal mining in Bhogavo river.


In the Gojri incident, three children aged 12 to 14 had gone to play in the Bhogavo river. The diocese was in mourning, including the families of two children who drowned. Fire brigade and local police have also reached the spot. At present, there is a lot of uproar regarding this incident. At the same time, there is a lot of resentment in the family.