Hyderabad: In a significant development for the adventure sports enthusiasts in the country, a first of its kind Indoor Sky Diving Center is being inaugurated in Hyderabad on Saturday. Earlier sky diving enthusiasts had to go abroad to enjoy this sport and had to spend a lot of money. Now the time has come to enjoy skydiving in Telangana. Indoor skydiving center named ‘Gravity Zip’ will be inaugurated at Gandipet tomorrow.

Entrepreneurs Ramana Reddy and Sushil Reddy, both resident of Hyderabad, have launched Gravity Zip with an aim to make the dream of flying in the air a reality. The center has been developed after three years of hard work. Reddy’s says that the center will give the feeling of floating in the air for just Rs 2,000-3,000.

On the inspiration behind the project, Reddy’s said that one of his family members saw the game when he went to America but was nowhere to be found in India. “Many people from our country go abroad. We thought it would be cool if we kept it here.”

Soon, we started the project here where we were born and grew up.” He also said that he has received a very good response so far. “Many people asked when it would start. We hope it will be successful,” Sushil Reddy said.

Anyone above 6 years of age can enjoy sky diving at the center while they will be provided with special clothing, shoes and a helmet. There will be instructors to train people in sky diving. While the center is going to be available from tomorrow, some people have already enjoyed skydiving at the Gravity Zip Centre. “Our feeling cannot be described in words,” he said.