Train journeys are undoubtedly the most memorable, with everything from filthy, obnoxious passengers to ‘chana’-sellers indulging in the fun. But have you ever heard of a horse riding a railway? Recently, a picture of a horse standing in a crowded local train in West Bengal went viral. On the other hand, the Railways is yet to verify the validity of the image and has started an investigation first to fact-check the image and then to find out how it happened.

Reports Of Accordingly, it The picture purportedly Sealdah-Diamond Harbor down Took on a local train. His owner was also present with him. While small animals are common on local trains in West Bengal, the horse in the viral picture is hardly a small animal, and is believed to be coming back after performing at a race in Baruipur, South 24 Parganas.


The photo went viral and was shared by a large number of people on social media. Zee News/WION channel reporter Pooja Mehta from North-East of West Bengal, Bangladesh has also shared this picture on Twitter.

According to reports, passengers complained to the man who boarded the train with his big horse, but he brushed it off and made room for himself and his horse. An Eastern Railway official said that they had also seen the photo, but they were unaware if anything of the sort had happened.