new Delhi: A photo of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor and NCP MP Supriya Sule has gone viral on social media. This picture is taken during the proceedings of Lok Sabha. People are trolling Shashi Tharoor on social media. But Tharoor has responded to the trollers by writing lines from the famous song of the film Amar Prem on Twitter. “Who are you, what is your name, Sita is also maligned here! Some people will say, it is the job of the people to say it!” Shashi Tharoor said so.


In the viral photo, Farooq Abdullah is addressing the Lok Sabha Speaker while Supriya Sule and Shashi Tharoor are seen saying something behind him. Seeing the expression on Shashi Tharoor’s face in the photo, people have started trolling him. Users are very fond of Shashi Tharoor. Posting old pictures of him.


After the photo went viral, Tharoor tweeted, “I want to tell those who are enjoying the brief conversation between me and Supriya Sule in Lok Sabha. She was speaking softly so as not to disturb him. So I bent down to hear what she was saying.”


Shashi Tharoor and Supriya Sule were talking. At that time the hall was open and Farooq Abdullah was speaking. Shashi Tharoor was smiling as the two were talking. That’s all it happened and the trolls became active. People were making his pictures and videos viral on social media. Some of them edited part of their conversation and added the song ‘Srivalli’ from the film Pushpa. Some said it was wrong. Some even went so far as to say that one should not make such a mockery of their professional relationship.