Haridwar, April 08 (H.S.). Afzal, a rewarded crook of five thousand, who escaped after a deadly attack on the constable, was arrested by the team of Ranipur Kotwali Police and SOG, acting jointly. A knife was also recovered from the accused.

Let us tell you that during the night patrolling in the year 2021 from the posh colony Shivalik Nagar of Kotwali Ranipur area, the police had an encounter with the miscreants. Afzal’s gang was fleeing after stealing a Honda City car parked in the said area, which led to an encounter with the police. In the encounter, a miscreant named Afzal first stabbed a soldier on the head and bled him and then fled while firing.

Kotwali Ranipur had declared a reward of five thousand on Afzal, a resident of Meerut, who attacked the killer. Since then the SOG team was engaged in finding its location. Late on Thursday, the SOG team found Afzal’s location near Shivalik Nagar Peeth Bazar, after which SOG Inspector Narendra Singh Bisht, in-charge Ranjit Singh Tomar informed Ranipur Kotwal Kundan Singh Rana, after which the SOG and the police team Taking joint action, this vicious crook was caught through mobile surveillance. More than half a dozen cases are registered against Afzal in Kotwali Ranipur alone.

SP Crime Manoj Katyal said on Friday that the police and SOG teams were trying for a long time to arrest Afzal. On Thursday night, the police arrested Afzal on the information of it being in Shivalik Nagar area.