XE Variants: Spread around the world from Wuhan province of China corona virus terrible for the last two years corona pandemic Status of is generating. The surprising thing is that the corona virus is constantly changing. new variants ( corona new variant ) are coming. Shocking news has come out. now comes corona The XE variant of . This new strain of corona virus is made from Omicron’s BA.1 and BA.2. Important is the new version BA. World Health Organization (WHO) According to , it spreads 2 to 10 times faster. This has created a new crisis for the whole world.

Meanwhile, the state governments in our country have eased the corona restrictions and this new version has raised the concerns further. Let’s know about this variant.

Here are 5 key points to know about the XE variant

This new strain of corona virus is Omicron’s BA. 1 and B.A.2. A Delta Chrome version of this type has surfaced before.
Coming together of two different viral strains is not a new thing. This happens often. If a person is infected with more than one type, two different strains, such as genetic material, come together.
According to Susan Hopkins, Chief Medical Advisor of the UK Health Security Agency, such variants usually go away quickly. Citizens have nothing to fear.
So far this variant has been found only in the UK. But WHO says that this variant is worrying. Experts say that it is too early to talk about the effects of variants and vaccines.
According to reports, the XE variant can spread rapidly. The original version is 10 times more infected than Omicron.

There is no XE variant in the country

The corona epidemic that came two years ago has increased the concern in the country. Corona is still under control in many countries. Corona had created a serious situation in our country as well. Especially with the delta version in the second wave, the situation got out of hand. However, by the time of the third wave, the situation was largely under control. The Omicron version in the third wave was not as dangerous as the Delta version in the second wave. Now comes the new XE variant of Corona. However, no patient infected with this variant has been found in the country so far.