Situations like political instability and anarchy remain in India’s neighboring countries. Economic crisis in Sri Lanka, India out campaign in Maldives, crisis in Myanmar, political instability in Pakistan, deadlock on Chinese border and presence of Taliban government in Afghanistan have been a headache for India. Experts also do not consider Nepal’s political situation to be more stable. With all these problems the central government is already engaged in a war between Russia and Ukraine.

According to reports, India has also increased the focus on its neighbors in view of the situation. External Affairs Minister Subramaniam Jaishankar, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are kept abreast of all developments. According to reports, the central government is fully aware that it is going to extend a helping hand but does not want to play any additional role by accusing it of interference.

India active in helping Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is going through a terrible economic crisis. India is helping this country in every possible way. Sri Lanka is very important for India from the point of view of maritime security. India is also concerned about the refugee crisis from Sri Lanka. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, India has so far provided assistance between 2 billion to 5 billion rupees to Sri Lanka. Along with this, India is also planning to help with rice, fuel and medicines. India is working on several important projects in Sri Lanka and in such a situation these projects may get delayed.

China’s threat on the northeastern border

Political experts say that instability in the neighborhood naturally worries us, but China is the biggest threat right now. Situation like a standoff has been going on on the border for almost two years. 15 rounds of talks have been held between the two countries but the issue has not been resolved yet. There is no denying that China will attack at any time by talking about a deal.

Terrorism inspired by Pakistan may increase

Pakistan has once again clashed with civilian and military forces. Political relations between India and Pakistan are not good. But India is constantly monitoring the developments in Islamabad. Weak governance in Pakistan can increase the risk of terrorism inspired by ISI and Pakistan Army. New Delhi has acknowledged that terrorism has become a serious threat to India since the arrival of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Experts believe that India should once again be active in Afghanistan.