Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directed the Central Government Secretariat to work together with the private sector to help boost manufacturing and create jobs. Needed. He has asked all the secretaries to take immediate action on the suggestion given to the Prime Minister in the meeting held on April 2.

Gauba said that the government should act as a facilitator and catalytic agent for economic growth, it was clear that Indian companies need help from private companies to accelerate the construction sector and become world leaders. The letter, dated April 4, also called for making petty crimes and violations crime-free in a mission mode.

The letter further states that all such provisions should be reviewed and action taken accordingly so that these provisions are removed or amended in time.

fill in the blanks immediately

It has been said in the letter that every ministry and department should take immediate steps to fill up all the vacancies sanctioned there. Emphasizing the need to avoid procrastination, Cabinet Secretary Gauba further wrote that important issues should be dealt with with full focus.