China-sponsored cyber hackers have tried to hack into the Indian power grid near Ladakh in recent months. Hackers gathered a lot of secret information from the power grid. Intelligence company Recorded Futures Inc has given this information in a report published on Wednesday. It calls China’s actions cyber espionage.

There have been attempts to tamper with the possible network of 7 Indian State Load Despatch Centers (SLDCs) in recent months, the report said. These centers handle the real time operation of grid control and power distribution. Reacting to the report, Union Power Minister R. He. Singh said hacking attempts were made in January-February this year. We have strengthened cyber security since 2018. Such an attempt will not be successful.

According to a report by Recorded Future Inc., the hackers targeted or attempted to hack at least 7 load dispatch centers in North India. This grid is close to the India-China border in Ladakh. One of the grids was targeted by another hacking group, Radico, which the United States has said is sponsored by the Chinese government. The Indian power grid has long been targeted by groups affiliated with the Chinese government.

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According to reports, a hacking group called Tag-38 used spy software called Shadopad, which was previously linked to the People’s Liberation Army of China and the Ministry of State Security. Investigators did not reveal the identity of the victims.

China’s foreign countries after the antics of Chinese hackers
Minister Wang Yi had recently visited India. He was accompanied by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and External Affairs Minister S.K. Ladakh discussed tensions and the geopolitical consequences of the Ukraine-Russia war with Jaishankar. Issues were also discussed between the two countries. However, Modi did not meet Wang.