PAN Card Fraud Alert: In the recent times, there have been many such cases in which PAN card holders have become victims of fraud. After his PAN card was misused, he came to know that the loan on his PAN has been disbursed to some unknown person without his permission. As a result, the CIBIL score of the cardholders is getting affected due to this PAN card loan fraud.


Recently, Bollywood actor Rajkummar Rao became a victim of financial fraud where his PAN card was misused for loan sanction. ‘#FraudAlert My PAN card has been misused and a small loan of Rs 2500 has been taken in my name. Due to which my CIBIL score has been affected. @CIBIL_Official Please fix this and take precautionary measures against it,” Rao had said in a tweet.


To prevent such fraud cases, one should never share PAN and Aadhaar number as these documents are highly confidential. In addition, one should write the purpose of sharing the photocopy of his/her PAN card and Aadhar card, and it should be written in such a way that some part of the line appears on the picture. The same should be done to negate any possibility of misuse of PAN card.


With the increasing cases of PAN card fraud, it is now extremely important to know if your personal credentials are being misused.

Using Dhani App, one can apply for a personal loan by sharing his/her PAN and Aadhar card details. But, many people are using this app wrongly to take loans illegally through fake PAN card details.

Here’s how to find out if the PAN card has been misused:

  • An individual can check whether the PAN number has been misused by simply creating a credit score.
  • Through CIBIL, Equifax, Experian or CRIF High Mark, an individual can find out whether a loan has been disbursed in his name.
  • In addition, cardholders can visit fintech platforms like Paytm or BankBazaar to check financial reports.