Following the tremendous success of The Kashmir Files, a film based on the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in the 1990s, the Jammu and Kashmir Police released a short video explaining how all Kashmiris, regardless of their religion, are victims of extremism. Happened.

The 57 second video is titled ‘The Untold Kashmir Files’. The clip contains various scenes depicting the period of militancy, including women in mourning. The background score features poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s ‘Hum Dekhenge’, an iconic poem that was also used in ‘The Kashmir Files’.


“Terrorists barged into the house of SPO Ishfaq Ahmed and killed him along with his brother Umar Jaan” and “these killings are in a series of ruthless killings of peace-loving Kashmiris,” read the two texts in the video.

Another frame read, “Kashmir has lost 20,000 lives in these targeted killings. Now is the time for us to talk.”


The video ends with the text “We are Kashmir, we will see (We are Kashmir, we will see)”.

The video was posted by the J&K Police on Twitter on March 31 and has garnered 1.64 lakh views. Incidentally, on 4 April, the Kashmir Valley saw a new spike in attacks on migrants and Kashmiri Pandits.


Released in March, ‘The Kashmir Files’ directed by Vivek Agnihotri was backed by several Union ministers and granted tax-free status in most BJP-ruled states.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also backed ‘The Kashmir Files’, saying it is up to those who fight for the truth to ensure that all efforts to present history in the right context are supported. Go.