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DEHRADUN, 07 APRIL (H.C.). Agriculture Minister said on Indian Institute of Soil and Water Conservation Day that soil and water are the basic basis of life, their conservation is necessary.

Cabinet Minister Ganesh Joshi was present as the chief guest in the program organized at the headquarters of Indian Institute of Soil and Water Conservation located on Kaulagarh Road. He also rewarded the employees who did the best work. He said that the techniques developed for soil and water conservation should be given maximum publicity in the state so that the desired speed could be given to the agricultural development of this state.

The Agriculture Minister said that it is a matter of pride for our state that the headquarter of Indian Soil and Water Conservation, which is famous in the country and abroad, is located in the capital Dehradun for the last 7 decades. This institute is engaged in continuous research and training etc. for the development of soil and water conservation techniques for all the states of the country. Soil erosion and landslides are a serious problem in the state of Uttarakhand. Due to which more than one-third of the state is affected.

He said that natural water sources are also drying up continuously in different parts of the state, which is the biggest challenge for the development of agriculture of the state. There is immense potential for successful implementation of horticulture-based cluster agriculture, off-season vegetable production and fruit belt development projects in the state. Therefore, it is necessary to properly conserve the soil and water resources here.

He urged the institute to give maximum publicity to the techniques developed for soil and water conservation in the development of the state. For this, whatever kind of assistance is required from the Agriculture Department of the state, its cooperation will definitely be provided.

During this, Dr. M. Madhu, Director of Indian Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, Dr. Ajit Kumar, Vice Chancellor of Bharsar Industrial and Forestry University, Dr. Ajit Kumar Karnataka, Heads of various departments of the Institute, eminent scientists and technical experts, Manjit Rawat were present.