Dhamtari, 7 April (H.S.). Due to climate change and the average increase in global temperature, there is a possibility of severe heat and heat wave during the month of April to June, which can adversely affect the life and health of the common man. Keeping this in view, Collector PS Elma on Thursday appealed to the residents of the district to take necessary protective measures. In view of the summer, the timing of the school has been changed from last month. Classes are being held in Dhamtari district from 7.30 am.

Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Chhattisgarh has issued necessary guidelines regarding protection from heatstroke. He told that during the scorching heat, one must drink plenty of water before stepping out of the house. Wear cotton, loose and comfortable clothes and keep your head covered when going out in the sun. Use a hat, cloth and umbrella. Consume water, buttermilk, ORS solution or home made beverages like lassi, lemonade, mango pana etc. At the same time, leave the house only after having a full fresh meal and avoid going out as much as possible in case of excessive sunlight. In case of fever, keep cold water bandages on the patient’s head.

what not to do

Collector PS Elma has appealed to the residents of the district and said that due to the scorching heat, do not leave empty stomach. Always carry water with you and do not let the body lack water. Drink plenty of fluids before going out in the sun. Avoid spicy, spicy and stale food. Cooler or AC Do not go out in the sun immediately after staying in.

Symptoms of ‘Loo’

Citing the instructions issued by the Health Department, the Collector told about the symptoms of ‘Loo’ that headache, fever, vomiting, excessive sweating and fainting are its main symptoms. Apart from this, feeling of weakness, body cramps, abnormal pulse are also symptoms of heatstroke.

What to do if you get ‘loo’

CHMO Dr. DK Turre told that in case of heatstroke, make the affected person lie down in a shady place, loosen his clothes. Give him drinks, a drink of raw mango. Place cold water strips on the head of the affected person to reduce the body temperature. Immediately take the person to the nearest health center and seek medical advice. Apart from this, for emergency situations or detailed information in this regard, one can be contacted by dialing toll free number 104, as well as free treatment and consultation can be obtained. It may be known that in view of the scorching heat, the school timings have been changed in the district. The morning shift classes are being held from 7.30 am to 11.30 am, similarly the second shift classes are being held from 11.30 am to 5.30 pm.