Bilaspur: The Chhattisgarh High Court has set aside the order of the Family Court to give custody of the child to the father. The High Court observed that if a woman is not able to mold herself according to the wishes of her husband, it cannot be a conclusive reason for denying her child custody. A bench of Justice Gautam Bhaduri and Justice Sanjay S Agrawal, while delivering the judgment in the custody case of the 14-year-old boy, also observed that the bizarre mentality of some members of the society has no right to determine the character of the woman. ,

divorce in 2013

The woman’s lawyer Sunil Sahu said that the verdict was pronounced on March 28. The custody of the child was handed over to his mother, according to which it was uploaded on the website of the High Court on Monday. The couple married in 2007 and their son was born in December of the same year. He said that both of them got divorced in 2013 with mutual consent. The custody of the child was later transferred to his mother.

In 2014, the woman’s husband filed a petition in court seeking custody of the child, arguing that the woman was going out with her male colleagues in the organisation. He wears jeans-t-shirt. And his character is not good. Therefore, if a child is kept in his custody, it will have a bad effect on his mind. After this, the family court handed over the custody of the child to his father in 2016.


High court said this important thing

The woman challenged the order of the family court in the High Court saying that it is based on conjecture. in which intervention is required. Rejecting the order of the Family Court, the High Court observed that from the evidence given by the father, it appears that the witnesses had put forth their views. If a woman has to work, she will naturally have to move from place to place for her livelihood. The witnesses’ statements reveal that they are largely influenced by the woman’s dress as she wears jeans and a T-shirt. We fear that if such badly thought-out mentality is taken care of, a long battle will be fought to protect the rights and freedoms of women.

The High Court overruled the decision of the Family Court and handed over the custody of the child to his mother. Meanwhile, the High Court empowered the father of the child to meet and contact him and issued directions in this regard.