Mumbai We always see cat fights in Bollywood. But recently a famous actress saw Deepika Padukone in flight and did something that the photo is going viral on social media. Deepika and Urvashi Rautela are seen together in this photo. His photo has gone viral on social media.



Talking about Bollywood, everyone remembers cat fight. But who has never heard the good things between the two actresses. Urvashi, who is always in the news due to her fashion, is currently in the news due to a photo. This is a picture of Deepika and Urvashi. This photo has been shared on a fan page of Deepika. Urvashi is seen kissing Deepika in this photo. (Urvashi Rautela Deepika Padukone’s photo from inside flight goes viral, netizens stunned)


Urvashi Rautela Deepika Padukone's photo from inside flight goes viral, netizens are shocked



This photo of Deepika and Urvashi is from Dubai to Mumbai. (Photo of Urvashi Rautela and Deepika Padukone from the flight to Mumbai) Both were on the same flight. In such a situation, seeing Deepika, Urvashi went to meet her. Not only this, Urvashi kissed Deepika. Deepika also gets happy seeing Urvashi. The fans of Deepika and Urvashi are very happy to see this picture. Because such friendship is not seen in all actresses. (Photo from the flight of Urvashi Rautela and Deepika Padukone)


Deepika recently shared a post on social media. By sharing this post, it seems that he has started preparing for the upcoming film ‘Pathan’. While sharing the photo, he told that the dubbing of this film is going on. The film is scheduled to release in January 2023. Apart from this film, Deepika has many big projects. She will also be seen in ‘Project K’ with Prabhas.