Snake vs Boy: There are some incidents that are unbelievable. There is a lot of discussion about one such incident. A 20 year old man was bitten by a snake 8 times. This incident is from Agra, Uttar Pradesh. The name of this young man is Rajat Chahar. Rajat has been bitten by a snake 8 times in the last 15 days. Because of this he is in the shadow of terror.

This incident happened for the first time in the night. Rajat was sleeping with his family in the house when a snake bit his leg. Feeling a sharp object being stabbed, Rajat got up and saw a snake moving from his side. Rajat immediately shouted and woke up the rest of the family. Seeing the blood coming out of Rajat’s leg, he was immediately taken to the doctor for treatment.

Thankfully, Rajat’s life was saved due to immediate treatment. But this trend did not stop here. Rajat and his family are now living in the shadow of panic. According to family members, every two-three days after September 6, a snake comes and bites it while sleeping at night.


Rajat’s leg started bleeding due to the snake bite and his family took him to the doctor. Rajat has been bitten by a snake 8 times in the last fifteen days. Tried to find out where the snake comes from and where it goes, but still could not find it. The family is very upset with this happening continuously and they have also sought the help of a magician.