What is VISA and how many types: Yoga helps many people abroad. Traveling abroad is everyone’s dream. But to fulfill this dream, two things are necessary: ​​passport and visa. Visa means “Visitors International Stay Admission”. It is a kind of official permission document to reside in another country. You get a passport from your home country, but you need to get a visa from the country you want to visit. Visa is necessary for traveling abroad. A visa is a permit granted by a country to a person entering its country. The government of the country you want to visit issues you a visa. This visa is issued by stamping on the passport or in the form of a document.

What are the types of visas?

For how long do you want to go to another country and why? These cases are mentioned on the visa. There are different types of visas and a reason has to be given for it. Accordingly the visa is granted. There are mainly two types of visas.

1. Non-immigrant visa: If you want to go abroad for a long time, you need to get a non-immigrant visa. It is also known as non-immigrant visa.


2. Immigrant Visa: If you want to go abroad and stay there, you need to get an Immigrant Visa. It is also known as foreign visa.

Apart from these two visas, there are many other types of visas.

– Transit Visa –
tourist visa
– business visa
– On Arrival Visa
– student visa
– marriage visa
– medical visa


How to apply for Visa?

1. Offline: You have to go to the embassy and check all your official documents there. In this whole process, your home is also checked, after which you get a foreign visa.

2. online : In today’s technology era, work has become easy through the Internet. If you apply for a visa online, you can get it in just five days. For this you have to go through a small process.