Money in Food Packet: Online food ordering from hotels and restaurants has increased in the last few days. There have been many good and bad cases in food delivery. Therefore, there is a discussion about food delivery on social media. But a woman in America was surprised to see a bundle of notes in a food packet online. According to media reports, a woman ordered a chicken sandwich from a KFC food delivery company. She knew when the order arrived and when it was eaten. The woman’s food arrived but she was shocked to see a bundle of notes in the food packet. A total of 43 thousand rupees came out in the packet.

Finally the woman showed honesty and called the company. When some employees came to his house, the whole matter came to the fore. The lady’s lunch bag was being packed, while some deposit from the counter went into her bag due to the manager’s mistake. Later the company looked into the matter. The company and the employees were now very pleased with the lady’s honesty. The manager thanked the woman or else the job would have been lost.


The woman, on the other hand, said that she had ordered a chicken sandwich and the money went out. She is in debt and could have used it but she didn’t. As soon as I received the bundle of money, I put it back in the envelope and plan to return it. After that I called the company and refunded the money.