Gopeshwar, 07 April (H.S.). On Thursday, near Chamoli town of Chamoli district, a woman who was trying to commit suicide by jumping into the Alaknanda river was rescued by reaching Envat, thereby avoiding the untoward incident.

The police received a phone call from Kotwali Chamoli that a woman was going towards the river bank to jump crying towards the Alaknanda river. Acting immediately on this information, sub-inspector Dhan Ram Sharma and lady constable Rekha Upreti rushed towards the river without losing time, and saw that the woman was ready to jump into the river. Taking quick action on behalf of the policemen, with the help of local people, the woman was apprehended and after consoling the woman was brought to the Kotwali. When the woman was questioned, the woman told that she was about to commit suicide by jumping into the Alaknanda river from her home, Haldapani Gopeshwar, in anger with her husband. In relation to the matter, necessary action is being taken by contacting the police station Gopeshwar.