New Delhi: If you do not wear a mask while traveling in Delhi Metro, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation will not charge a challan of Rs 200. Despite this, DMRC has urged passengers to wear masks in the metro train through an announcement.

In fact, the Delhi Disaster Management Authority has ordered that no fine or action should be taken against those who do not wear masks in Delhi. After this, the passengers of Delhi Metro were constantly asking questions on the internet media whether it is necessary to wear a mask during the journey or not. The passengers were inquiring from the official Twitter handle of DMRC on internet media like Twitter. At the same time, on the orders of DDMA, DMRC has said that masks should be worn in Delhi Metro as it is a proper health measure. DMRC also said that no penalty will be imposed on passengers wearing masks.

DMRC’s advice to passengers

It is worth noting that all the variants of Omicron are wreaking havoc in China, especially due to the XE and Kappa variants, millions of people are under lockdown. Meanwhile, DMRC has abolished the fine for not wearing a mask, but in view of the corona, precautions are also being taken. It has been told by DMRC to its lakhs of Twitter followers that under the rules related to Kovid-19, Kovid should behave properly. DMRC is appealing to all metro commuters to wear masks. Also keep your hands clean. Also, keep a distance so that the disease does not spread. Delhi Metro has also made it clear in its advisory that no fine will be imposed for not following them. Which was earlier Rs.

Appeal to the public through declaration

It is noteworthy that in view of the danger and spread of Corona, DMRC is making announcements in trains for passengers. It states that it is necessary to wear a mask. It is to be known that due to Corona, for the last two years, a fine of Rs 200 was being imposed for not wearing a mask, spitting and making physical distance, which has now been removed.