Haridwar, April 07 (H.S.). In Abdal Saheb Basti in Piran Kaliyar police station area, unidentified thieves broke into the room of a hotel owner and stole lakhs of rupees kept in the cupboard. The victim has informed the police and demanded action against the unknown thief. police is investigating the matter.

Majid, a resident of Alampura in Saharanpur, told the police that he runs a vegetarian hotel near Tanki Chowk in Kaliyar. Abdal Shah lives on rent in a house on the street with a minaret hotel in Basti. On Wednesday, he and his wife had gone to work at the hotel. One of his daughters was in the room. At five o’clock in the evening she too went to him at the hotel by locking the room. When he returned to the room late at night with his family, the door of the room was broken. The lock of the cupboard kept in it was also broken, all the things were scattered. About two lakh rupees kept in the cupboard were also missing.

The victim told that he is fond of collecting old coins and notes. He had deposited coins and notes worth lakhs of rupees and kept them in the cupboard. The victim told that apart from coins, two lakh rupees were deposited by the committee together with one lakh rupees, which they had deposited for a plot. The victim has demanded the police to take action against the unknown thief. The police is now investigating the matter on the complaint of the victim.