New Delhi: Easter is on April 17th. It is also called Easter Sunday. Easter is celebrated on the third day after Good Friday. This occasion is celebrated by the people who follow the Christian religion. Pray to God and send best wishes to each other. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also sent his best wishes. It is believed that the Lord Jesus was resurrected on the third day of Good Friday. Easter is the biggest holiday of the Christian community after Christmas. Both these festivals are celebrated as the birthday of Lord Jesus.

According to the Bible, thousands of years ago, on Good Friday, Jesus was crucified on the hills of Jerusalem. Then on the third day after Good Friday, the first Sunday Jesus was resurrected. Lord Jesus stayed with his disciples for about 40 days after his reincarnation. Then he went to heaven forever. Thus Easter is celebrated for 40 days. But officially Easter lasts for 50 days. People of Christianity celebrate this festival with great pomp.

The first week of Easter is called Easter week. During this, the believers of Christianity pray and fast. All churches are specially decorated for Easter. Candles are lit in the church on this day. Many Christians also light candles in their homes on this day. The Bible is read aloud on Easter day.


That’s why eggs are given in gifts
Eggs have special significance on Easter. People who believe in Christianity decorate their Easter eggs and give them as gifts. It is believed that the egg is a symbol of a good day and the beginning of a new life. Indeed, believers of Christianity believe that just as a new life emerges from an egg, people get the message of a new beginning.