…whose work is the same ko saajaye, aur kare karte danda baajaye! – Cases of juvenile delinquency will no longer be handed over to traditional police stations. Separate arrangements are being made. On the recommendation of the Uttar Pradesh State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, it has been decided to open ‘Bal Mitra Thana’ in all the districts of Uttar Pradesh to solve all kinds of cases related to juvenile delinquency. The verdict is certainly commendable, it will help in bringing the juveniles with criminal tendencies on the right track. Like there are ‘Mahila Thana’ for cases related to women in the country, ‘Cyber ​​Thana’ for digital fraud, ‘Bal Mitra Thana’ will be established on the same lines.

Innumerable activists from across the country related to the protection of child rights have been raising the demand for a long time that the police should not punish them like adults for their involvement in small and big crimes. Rather, separate police stations should be made for them, where they can be heard better and counseled humbly, so that the child can turn back to good values ​​by abandoning the wrong paths. There are some basic reasons why children engage in crime. Due to excessive increase in the personal freedom of the children of nuclear families, their moral values ​​are getting eroded.

Addiction to mobile phones, computers and the Internet has pushed children into the quagmire of stress-depression, making them a part of the crime world. A blueprint has been prepared for how Bal Mitra police stations will be, what will be the working style and which officers will be posted in them. Only policemen in plain clothes will be posted in the police stations, which will have an inspector or SHO like other police stations. There will be about eight to ten sub-inspectors and one woman sub-inspector in the staff. The government wants to bear the burden of these frills and extra expenditure so that the increasing child crimes can be curbed.

Perhaps the current report of the National Crime Records Bureau has compelled it to do all this. The criminal incidents committed by minors in the last one year include 842 murders, 981 attempt to murder, 725 kidnapping cases. These are serious cases, in which Uttar Pradesh is on top. Incidents of theft have increased tremendously and about 6081 incidents have been registered. 955 incidents of robbery and 112 incidents of dacoity were also reported. These incidents are a matter of concern for the civilized society. This report is from the Corona period, on which the Child Protection Commissions of all the states are serious, all are making a strategy to do something at their level.

In recent years, the trend of involvement of children in criminal offenses has increased rapidly. There is an effort of the government to stop this crime through ‘Bal Mitra Thanas’. In the police stations, both male and female constables will be in plain clothes. When cases of children related to criminal tendencies come in the police stations, instead of intimidating the juveniles, an exercise will be done to keep them away from crime. Arrangements will also be made for counseling of criminal children in each Bal Mitra police station. In the police stations, there will be informative books to read from toys and apart from the policemen, the people of Child Welfare Committee will also keep meeting the children. To stop the speed of child crimes, something out of the box has to be done in the same way, only then something will happen. Otherwise, the situation will keep getting worse. The rise in the number of juvenile crimes not only worries, but also forces one to think about the paths the youth have taken.

Incidences of increasing child crime make us question whether the children with raw soil like mind are really responsible for these incidents or somewhere there are shortcomings in our upbringing and social environment? So far, all the efforts made at the government level to prevent child crimes have not been as successful, so ‘Bal Mitra Thane’ is the need of the hour to resolve the issues related to the children. The way there are separate judicial laws for juvenile crimes in the country, there are separate judges, separate judicial officers and separate child psychology, then why not police stations? Children never improve by scolding, nor are they tracked by other intimidating tactics. The more polite they are treated, the better. Therefore, this effort of the government will prove to be effective, it can be expected from now on.

However, after the formation of police stations, their monitoring will be necessary. It is often seen that children with criminal tendencies are not treated politely. They are treated like adults by the policemen in the police stations, due to which the children get worse instead of improving. There is no provision to handcuff children, yet policemen do. According to the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act-2000, a juvenile who is involved in any criminal activity shall not be treated as an adult for legal trial and punishment.

However, after the formation of new police stations as a plan, the policemen will not be in uniform, due to which the children will not be afraid. The police will sympathetically ask the children the reason for the crime and will counsel them in a better way. With the increase in the number of juvenile offenders, there has been a huge increase in the cases against them. These figures make you think. The whole country has to think to stop these incidents. This responsibility is not only of the governments, but of all of us too. The all-round development of the children will happen only through collective efforts and they will have to be returned to the socio-cultural environment.