Ahmedabad The corporation located at AMTS has been running in losses for a long time. , AMTS Has incurred a loss of Rs 238 crore in the last nine months. However, the AMTS system appears to be kind to the private operators. Despite the loss of crores, Mechanism will procure 118 midibuses. AMTS Instead of running the buses, the corporation is losing crores by handing over the buses to the private operators. The opposition then accused the AMC of favoring private operators.

Ahmedabad’s lifeline AMTS is losing crores of rupees every year. AMTS has spent Rs 281 crore in the first 9 months of 2021. The revenue is only Rs 43 crore against the expenditure of Rs 281 crore. In this way, AMTS has incurred a loss of Rs 238 crore in nine months. Despite the loss of crores, AMTS will buy new 118m CNG bus. The opposition alleges that an exercise has been started to benefit the operators of new buses by paying more than Rs 45 per kilometer to the private operators.


AMTS has requested private operators for proposal to operate 118 non-AC CNG MIDI buses with drivers and conductors for a period of 6 to 8 years. Out of these buses, 71 Isar buses and 47 Tata Mack buses will be purchased. Presently more than 600 buses of private operators are plying on various roads of Ahmedabad city. In this regard, the Chairman of the Standing Committee said that AMTS is not run for private operators but for passengers. Public transport services are often at a loss.

At present AMTS is paying Rs 42 per kilometer to private operators. Then in the coming days an even higher price per kilometer will be given along with the operation and maintenance. Thus AMTS, which was once for profit, is being run for the benefit of private operators. Due to tough economic situation and debt burden, priority is being given to how private operators can benefit rather than convenience of AMTS passengers.