Easter Sunday 2022: Good Friday of the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ reminds me of. On this day people are saddened by the memory of Jesus. Then Easter Sunday 2022 But their happiness doubles. Easter Sunday 17 April this year (Easter Sunday 2022 date) Is. It is believed that three days after Good Friday, Easter Sunday Jesus Christ There was a resurrection. The Bible says that the resurrection Of After that Jesus Christ stayed on earth for 40 days. During this time he taught love to his disciples, and they eventually ascended to heaven.


importance of eggs on easter

Easter Eggs have special significance on the day. Easter celebration It is incomplete without colored eggs. On this day people decorate eggs and give gifts to each other. In some places these decorated eggs are hidden by the parents and the children have to find them. Eggs have special significance on this day because in Christianity people consider eggs as a symbol of new life and enthusiasm. It is also considered auspicious to light a candle on this day.

Easter joy after the execution of Jesus

As Jesus’ popularity in Jerusalem grew, the clergy began to listen to the Roman ruler. They accused Jesus of insulting religion and the state and sentenced him to death. It is believed that he was resurrected on the third day of Easter. After that the followers of Jesus again started following the path shown by him. Easter is celebrated as a celebration of new life amidst the darkness and gloom that followed the execution of Jesus.