Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait has called upon the farmers of Madhya Pradesh to be alert and ready for the agitation. “The farmers of the country have to be ready for agitation on MSP,” the ticket said. The country will be saved by movement not by vote. He said that Bhopal will have to be made Delhi.

Tikait stayed at Sivli Malwa in Narmadapuram for some time and while talking to the media there he warned the farmers of the country. Tikait said that Delhi will have to be made the capital of all the states of the country. Now in the capital of the state also, the fight for the interests of the farmers will be fought. For this all farmers have to be ready.

He said that Telangana’s agriculture policy is ideal. There farmers are paid Rs 10,000 per acre so that they can easily buy fertilizers and seeds. Free electricity is also being provided to the farmers there. All state governments should do such farmer friendly work.


Referring to Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel, Tikait said that these people talk about farmers but do nothing. That’s why this movement is going on. Tikait asked the farmers of Bhopal that when there is a farmers’ movement in Delhi, they should be a part of it and be aware of it. The siege of Bhopal can be done at any time.