Mumbai: Congress has won the Kolhapur North (Kolhapur North Pole by-election) by-election. Congress candidate Jayshree Jadhav has won. He defeated BJP candidate Satyajit Kadam by 18 thousand 901 votes. MahavikasGhadi celebrated after the victory of Congress candidate Jayshree Chandrakant Jadhav in the by-election. Various political reactions are coming about this.

NCP leader and Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has also criticized the BJP while reacting to the decision.

Uddhav Thackeray himself had paid attention in the Kolhapur by-election. Efforts were made to create an environment in which we can expect success, no matter what. There was a deliberate attempt to create a rift in the society on some different subjects and this gives opinion as to whether such an attempt was made or not. But he did not find a place in Shahu Phule Ambedkar’s Maharashtra. Jadhav Tai was elected with a very good majority. Congratulations to them. Hasan Mushrif and Satej Patil did a good job. We worked to keep it together. Ajit Pawar has said so.


Congress candidate Jayshree Chandrakant Jadhav got 96,226 votes while BJP candidate Satyajit Kadam got 77,426 votes in Kolhapur North (Kolhapur North Pole by Election) by-election.