The police has expedited the investigation into the stone pelting incident in Khambhat on the day of Ram Navami. Five more accused involved in the riots have been arrested. A total of 16 accused have been sent to jail so far. A total of 57 accused have been charged in this case. Out of which 16 have been taken into custody. Police are looking for 41 accused.

It was also revealed yesterday that two clerics involved in stone pelting had met a teacher. A meeting was held in the principal’s room with the teacher of Madhavlal Shah High School, Shailesh Rathore. The police have started questioning the teacher. That’s why the police have not even given a clean chit to the teacher yet and the teacher Shailesh Rathore has been taken to the Khambhat police station for questioning. Although PI M.J. After questioning the teacher of Madhavlal Shah High School, Chaudhary gave a clean chit. Due to which PIMJ Chaudhary has been replaced with immediate effect only last evening. Stones were pelted on him near Shakarpur Dargah. Police has registered an FIR against 57 people in the case. In which 16 accused have been arrested. While 41 accused are yet to be arrested. Anand SP can reveal more about this whole matter tomorrow.

Bulldozers have been run in the area after the attack on the procession on the day of Ram Navami. During this time encroachment has been removed from illegally built shops. Illegal property has been prosecuted. The administration has also received information that the property of the accused of violence is also illegal. If it is illegal it will be broken too.

Police have started the process of arrests by registering a case of stone pelting on Ram Navami procession in Shakarpur, Khambhat. The arrested people, including the cleric, have been taken on remand. On the other hand, the place where the stone-pelting took place has been a source of constant and persistent communal tension in the area for the past several years, which the police and administration are now trying to resolve permanently.