content_image_f6922bf1-0d46-4791-ae6b-d265dfce1ca6Rajasthan : You must have heard aarti, bells and mantras in temples, but today we are talking about a temple in Rajasthan, where loud sounds are heard as soon as you enter. If you come to this temple for darshan, then you cannot take the prasad home from here.

There are many miraculous temples in Rajasthan like Salasar Balaji, Moti Dungri, Brahji Mandir, but there is one Siddha temple, the devotee is afraid to come there for the first time. This temple is located in Mehandipur Balaji temple of Dausa district of Rajasthan.

Located in Rajasthan, 100 km from Jaipur, is one of the ten major Siddarpeeths of God. People say that Hanumanji resides at this place in his waking state.

Because of this a person who has a ghost cannot come here. If this happens the person will start screaming. For many years people have been coming here from far and wide to get rid of the ghosts.

It is said that thousands of throats of Balaji Maharaj are being satisfied by the aroma of the prasad of the people who have always liked Balaji Maharaj. That’s why people who are afraid of ghosts come here and get cured.

There is also a story related to this temple, here Balaji Maharaj, Pretraj Sarkar and Shri Kaitav, these three gods appeared here about 1 year ago today. No one even made an idol sitting in the temple.

It is also believed that the Lord had come to the Mahant in a dream, which was associated with Balaji’s creation.

According to a belief, water or food grains or prasad can never be taken home from here. Here people are not even talked to nor can anyone touch anyone.