Gopeshwar, April 16 (H.S.). With chanting and traditional worship rituals, the doors of the famous Van Latu Dham of Dewal development block of Chamoli district have been opened for the common devotees for six months on Saturday.

On the holy festival of Baisakh Poornamasi, the process of opening the doors in Latu Dham Van was started from early morning on Saturday. Under this, the devotees of Nanda and Latu deities of nearby rural areas, including Van, started gathering in the temple premises. After Havan, Yagya and other traditional worship rituals, the doors of the mysterious sanctum sanctorum of this temple were opened while opening the outer doors of the temple at 12 noon according to the auspicious lagna.

During this, the chief priest of the temple, Khim Singh, blindfolded and offered special prayers in the mysterious sanctum sanctorum. After this, Jhods were organized in the temple premises under public praise. In these jhores, many other gods and goddesses, including Nanda Bhagwati, Latu, were incarnated on many people during Devasti. Who blessed the devotees. The chief priest of the temple, Khim Singh Bisht, Pandit Hari Dutt Kunyal, Ramesh Kunyal, Umesh Kunyal, etc. played a role in the process of opening the doors.

On this occasion, Zips Krishna Bisht of Hatkalyani ward, former chief Urmila Bisht, Kshepans Rameshwari Devi, temple committee president Krishna Singh, vice president Hira Singh Pahari, Hira Singh Bugyali, Mahila Mangal Dal president Nandi Devi, Yumand president Devendra Pancholi, former head Ukha Devi etc. were present.