Khairagarh, April 16 (H.S.). Finally, Congress candidate Yashoda Verma won the Khairagarh sub-assembly elections in Rajnandgaon district of Chhattisgarh by defeating her nearest rival BJP’s Komal Janghel by a margin of more than twenty thousand votes.

The BJP has suffered a crushing defeat in the Khairagarh by-election. Yashoda Verma of Congress has defeated Komal Jangel of BJP by 20 thousand 067 votes. With this victory, the way has been cleared for the formation of Khairagarh-Gandai-Chhuikhadan district. The most important thing is that the ruling party Congress had promised in its manifesto that if the Congress wins, then within 24 hours Khairagarh will be declared as a district. This promise of Congress was considered as the master stroke of victory in Khairagarh.

Earlier today, the Congress started taking lead in the counting of votes from the initial stages itself. The Congress was ahead in the postal ballot also. After that, in the first round, the Congress made an increase of 1175 votes. The lead in the first round continued for 21 rounds.

Congress continues to get the lead

Congress leading by one thousand 175 votes in first round of counting. In second round, Congress is ahead by 2,557 votes. Congress leading by 3 thousand 704 votes in third round. Congress leading by 5148 votes in fourth round. In fifth round, Congress is leading by 6,827 votes. Congress is leading by 8 thousand 886 votes in 6th round. Congress leading by 9891 votes in 7th round. In 10th round, Congress is leading by 12 thousand 156 votes. Congress leading by 11 Thousand 167 votes in 12th Round. Congress leading by 13175 votes in thirteenth round. In Fourteenth Round, Congress is leading by 14 Thousand 072 votes. In Fifteenth Round, Congress is leading by 15 Thousand 633 votes. Congress leading by 1,7530 votes in 16th round. Congress leading by 18 Thousand 027 votes in 17th round. Congress leading by 19 Thousand 076 votes in 18th round. Congress leading by 19 Thousand 741 votes in 19th round. In the 20th round, Congress was leading by 19 thousand 374 votes.