Mumbai Netaji reminded Patil that BJP state president Chandrakant Patil had said that he would go to the Himalayas if the BJP candidate was defeated in the Kolhapur North election.

In Kolhapur bypoll, Congress candidate Jayshree Jadhav defeated BJP candidate Satyajit Kadam by a margin of nearly 19,000 votes. After Jayshree Jadhav’s victory, BJP state president Chandrakant Patil has been trolled on social media.

Some netizens imitated Chandrakant Patil in the guise of a sadhu. So some netizens have sent him directly to the Himalayas.



On the other hand, some youths from Pune have attacked him saying ‘Come back, come back, come back Grandfather’. A few days ago a banner was put up in Pune saying ‘Dada Kho Gaya’. It is written on the banner that the MLA of our constituency has lost two months back. Netizens have reminded me again.


Meanwhile, NCP OBC cell vice-chairman Raj Rajapurkar has reached CST railway station. BJP state president Chandrakant Patil had said that if Kolhapur North lost the election, there would be Jains in the Himalayas. That’s why we have come to get train tickets to send them to the Himalayas.