RSS Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat has raised such an important issue at a function in Haridwar, which no one even names nowadays. Neither any political party, no government nor any leader talks of ‘Akhand Bharat’. Mohanji says that this dream of a united India can be fulfilled in the next 15 years. What to say if this happens? The work which was not done in the last 75 years, how can it be done in the next 15 years with the confidence of the governments and leaders? First of all, leaders should understand this issue. Secondly, they should have the will power to make it concrete.

It is my humble opinion that these non-governmental organizations can do this work better than governments, which are all inclusive. In the days of 1945-50, Guru Golwalkar created a united India and Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia gave the slogan of Indo-Pak Eka. Both these slogans were fine for that time but today the field of both these slogans needs to be spread a lot. Both these slogans were about the British India of that time but 50-55 years ago when I got to visit and live in 15-20 neighboring countries, I felt that we should create Aryavarta of Maharishi Dayanand’s dreams. The boundaries of this Aryavarta should be from Arakan (Myanmar) to Khorasan (Iran) and from Trivishtup (Tibet) to Maldives. If you add the five republics of Central Asia and Mauritius, then it can become a huge organization of 16 countries. Later, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates can also be added to this. This is more than double the eight countries of SAARC (SAARC).

The name of this organization of sixteen countries is People’s SAARC. SAARC is an organization of governments. It has been stalled for the last 7-8 years. People’s SAARC will also connect the people and governments of these 16 countries. It is my dream to unite these countries to make it a stronger and more prosperous organization than the European Union. We have more wealth buried in these nations than in Europe. What oil, what gas, what uranium, what gold, what silver, what iron and what copper – everything is so full of these countries that in the next five years the people of the whole of South and Central Asia (Aryavarta) will meet the Europeans. You can also become more wealthy and crores of people can get new jobs. The religions, languages, costumes and food habits of these 16 countries of ours may be different but culturally they are all the same, as they have been an integral part of the vast Aryavarta for thousands of years.