Fatehabad, April 16 (H.S.). Haryana Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Minister JP Dalal, during his visit to district Fatehabad, inspected Shri Krishna Pranami Gauvansh Anusandhan Sansthan and inquired about the management of Gaushala. He also fed jaggery to Gaumata. Apart from this, the Agriculture Minister also inquired about the well being of the retarded persons living in the ashram. Rajya Sabha MP DP Vats, MLA Dudaram, BJP District President Baldev Groha were also present on this occasion.

Agriculture Minister JP Dalal said that human service and cow service is the best service. Calling for work for breed improvement in Gaushalas, the Agriculture Minister said that the Gaushalas should come forward for breed improvement, in this work the government would also provide them all possible help. He said that it is an act of virtue to serve the needy and destitute selflessly. Every person in the society should contribute in this. The Agriculture Minister stressed on making Gaushalas self-reliant and said that Gaushalas can earn income by making products made from cow dung and urine. For this, the government also provides assistance on the equipment needed. He said that the Gaushalas would be assisted by the Gauseva Aayog for setting up Gobar Gas Plants.

The Agriculture Minister expressed happiness after seeing cow based products in Gaushala. Praising Swami Sadanand Maharaj ji, he said that such saints are doing the work of service spirit by awakening the spirit of human service and cow service in the society. On this occasion, prominent social workers Vinod Tayal and Ashok Bhukkar told that those who are lying on the roads do not have any heir, then those people are brought here to serve them. Medical treatment is provided from time to time to such needy people. He said that along with human service, there is also cow service and cow medicine. In the Gau Medical Center, those who get into an accident on Gaumata Road are brought here and treated.