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New Delhi , 16 April (H.S.). Delhi Police is going to use Function Forensic Lab, Forensic Work Station and Data Activation Device to investigate criminal cases and collect scientific evidence in the capital Delhi. The special thing in this is that it will not only be used to investigate cases related to cyber crime of the capital, but it will also be used in the investigation of other types of crime.

On the other hand, most of the mobile phones, laptops are used by criminals not only for committing cyber crimes, but these devices are also being used in other crimes as well. In such a situation, Delhi Police is emphasizing on collecting digital evidence through these digital devices. Therefore, in view of digital investigation, emphasis is being laid on the use of these techniques.

It will be beneficial in the investigation

With the help of these tools, the investigating officer can analyze any mobile in the district itself. Also, it can recover deleted evidence, not only this, it will also help in collecting other types of electronic evidence including tower location, dump data and CDR. Earlier, the help of Cypad had to be taken for this, but these tools have been given to the cyber cell of the district on behalf of the police headquarters, so now it will be investigated in the district itself.

Work is going on in three layers

Functional Forensic Lab, Forensic Work Station, Data Activation Device will now not only equip the Cyber ​​Unit-CYPAD of the capital but also the Cyber ​​Cells of the districts. Work is going on in three layers to validate digital evidence. Saipad was built in Dwarka Sector-16 of Delhi. Second, cyber cell unit has been established in every district and now cyber tools for collecting digital evidence are also being provided to the cyber unit of the district.

Online foreign tools can also be used

Apart from this, the team of the District Cyber ​​Cell will also be able to use the foreign tools of Cypad online while sitting in their own police station in the investigation of cyber crime of the police stations as well. Foreign tools are such that they will show the number of the vehicle in the grab on CCTV and will give the address of the criminal. At the same time, the investigating officer will no longer have to send these devices to the forensic science lab and as soon as the investigation starts, the officer will get the lead for the case.

It says cyber crime statistics

Year-2020 till 31st December

Total complaints—37,280

Year-2019 up to 31st December

Total complaints–23,300

Year-2018 up to 31st December

Total complaints—-13,200