A month has passed since Bhagwant Mann’s government came to power in Punjab. On this occasion, the state government has made a big announcement giving relief to the common people. An announcement has been made to provide free electricity up to 300 units to every household in the state from July 1. The state government issued a report card for its 30-day term. Along with this, advertisements in the press have claimed that 300 units of free electricity will be provided in Punjab from July 1.

In Punjab, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government has officially announced to provide 300 units of free electricity in the state. The government’s announcement will benefit about 62.25 lakh consumers out of about 73.80 lakh domestic consumers in the state who consume up to 300 units of electricity.

However, till now no statement has come from Bhagwant Mann regarding free electricity. Earlier, Bhagwan Mane had claimed that he would make a big announcement for the people of Punjab on April 16. Now the government has announced through advertisements in the press that 300 units of free electricity will be provided in Punjab from July 1.

It is worth noting that recently Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann met Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. In the meeting, there was a long discussion on how to provide 300 units of free electricity under ‘Kejriwal’s first guarantee’. After this meeting, Bhagwant Mane said that I will give a good news to the people of Punjab very soon.

Power consumption is likely to increase
Because this subsidy is likely to increase because according to our data a large number of consumers were consuming up to 150 units per month, who will now try to consume 300 units per month as it will be free. There is also the possibility of multiple households sharing their meters to avail the subsidy.

Apart from this another 300 units may come in the slab to reduce the power consumption. High-level PSPCL sources also confirmed that the officials have come up with a variable subsidy scheme considering various options.