Hyderabad : Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao said that the state is registering qualitative progress in the field of public health and medical infrastructure.

He greeted the people on the occasion of World Health Day being observed on Thursday and wished them to lead a healthy and happy life.

The Chief Minister said that the government is making efforts to protect the health of the people.

He said, “The continuous improvement of health facilities in the four corners of the state has demonstrated the commitment of the state government. With the implementation of several schemes, the government has substantially increased the budget allocation for health care.

KCR, popularly known as the Chief Minister, mentioned that the Department of Medicine and Health has received great appreciation at the national level for securing the best ranking from NITI Aayog as well as for extending quality medical services. It is a proud moment that Telangana has secured the third position in the protection of public health in the country, the Chief Minister said and congratulated the State Medical and Health Minister and the entire staff of the department.

In order to strengthen the medical and health sector, measures were taken to increase the human resource in the medical department. The government has sanctioned 21,073 posts in the health wing.

“Creation of super specialty hospitals, medical colleges in every district and an affiliated nursing college, MCH centre, UG, PG, increase of super specialty medical seats and increase in nursing seats were among the steps taken to strengthen the public health sector . In Telangana,” he said.

The Chief Minister said that the Basti dispensaries started with the aim of providing medical facilities to the people in urban areas are getting good response from the people. Taking inspiration from the success of Basti dispensaries, the government established Palle dispensaries in villages and expanded medical services.

He claimed that schemes like KCR Kits and Arogya Lakshmi brought about a qualitative change in the public health sector. The dedication of the government in providing medical services to the needy was proved by the establishment of Telangana Diagnostic Centers which provide medical tests free of cost.

Amma-Vodi Vehicles, Mata-Shishu Protection Center (Mother and Child Care), Paramapada Vahan (Listening Services) Modernization of Morgues, Cath Lab Centre, Organ Transplant Centre, Stem Cell Therapy Center and Genomic Sequencing Laboratories have been made available. KCR expressed hope that the launch of Telangana Health Profile Program would pave the way for achieving Aarogya Telangana (Healthy Telangana).