Maharashtra Energy Minister Nitin Raut on Friday claimed that the state is facing coal and power crisis as only 1.5 days of coal is left in some plants. However, the minister assured that the state government is doing everything possible to resolve the power crisis. “There is 1.5 days of coal left in some plants in Maharashtra, 3 days in some plants and 6 days in some,” Raut said. The state government is working to overcome the power crisis.

17 TMC water left in Koyna dam

The Koyna dam has 17 TMC of water left, which requires 1 TMC of water per day to generate electricity. Coal, water and gas would be needed to solve the load shedding. According to the agreement with the central government, they should supply APM gas to the state government. But before the help, the central government is demanding the rest.

The central government is demanding payment of Rs 2,200 crore for coal

The Maharashtra minister further said that the state is entitled to get APM gas as per the agreement with the Centre. He further claimed that the Center had not provided the required APM gas to the state, which required coal, water and gas if it was to deal with load-shedding. The Maharashtra government has to give Rs 2200 crore to the central government. The Center has said that first give money and then give coal.