Mumbai: Three coaches of the Dadar-Puducherry Express (train number 11005) derailed near Matunga station in Mumbai on Friday night when the engine of the CSMT-Gadag Express, which was headed in the same direction, derailed sideways. the officer said. He said that no one has been reported to be injured in the incident that took place around 9.30 pm. The incident happened a day before the 169th anniversary of the first running of a passenger train in India. Railway sources said the accident could have been caused by the Gadag Express jumping the signal, though the exact cause would be known only after investigation. Following the incident, some express trains were canceled or short terminated and local train traffic was also affected.

The Dadar-Puducherry Chalukya Express was entering the Down fast line from platform 7 of Dadar Terminus in central Mumbai when the CSMT-Gadag Express, which departed at around 9.30 pm, rammed it sideways at a crossing, the official said. , said the officer. A video of the incident which went viral on social media showed coaches of two express trains colliding with each other before derailing. Some passengers can also be heard alerting each other when this happens. Central Railway chief spokesperson Shivaji Sutar said relief trains have been dispatched to the spot. He said traffic on the Up and Down slow lines, which were temporarily halted due to security reasons, has been restored.

This was the second accident on the Central Railway section this month. Earlier, Lokmanya Tilak-Jayanagar Express (Pawan Express) derailed near Nashik in Maharashtra on April 3, 2022. Friday’s incident happened a day before the 169th anniversary of the Railways in India. The first passenger train in India (and Asia) ran between Mumbai and Thane on April 16, 1853. The Indian Railways, thus, enters its 170th year of service from Saturday. Railway officials said the engine of the Gadag Express (which passed through platform number 5 of Dadar station) collided with the rear end of the eighth compartment of the Puducherry Express, causing the latter to derail coach numbers 7 to 9.

The seventh coach of Puducherry Express tilted slightly after derailment. An overhead wire and a pole were also badly damaged due to the derailment of the coach. Railway sources said that the accident may have happened due to the signal jump of the Gadag Express, but it would be known only after investigation. Sutar said that a high level inquiry has been ordered. He said the officials aim to get the coaches back on the rails and restore traffic at the earliest.

Railway officials canceled the Dadar-Sainagar Shirdi Express along with Puducherry Express and Gadag Express. Some Mail-Express trains including Pune-Mumbai Indrayani Express, Nanded-Mumbai Tapovan Express and Madgaon-Mumbai Mandvi Express were short terminated. Zonal Railways has announced the following helpline numbers for passengers: CSMT- 022-22694040, Dadar 022-24114836, Thane 022-25334840, and Kalyan 0251-2311499.