Rajasthan: Rajasthan Seven children have died due to mysterious disease in Sirohi in the last five days. This incident has raised the ears of the administration. The deaths occurred between April 9 and 13. Children complained of fever, convulsions, diarrhea and vomiting. Two of the seven children were slum dwellers.

Joint Director Jageshwar Prasad said that The child vomited and later died. The children who died were between 2 and 14 years of age and all belonged to different families. “We are trying to ascertain the cause of death of the children,” he said. But there are speculations that it could be a viral disease.

However, he also said that nothing can be claimed before the blood sample report comes. According to the joint director, all the deaths happened in a single day. A woman who lost her five-year-old child said that her son woke up at five in the morning. He asked for water and then started vomiting. He died at eight o’clock.

Joint Director said that 300 children included in the survey
Three out of seven children eat local ice cream. It could be a case of food poisoning. But even this does not react so quickly that the baby dies within a day. It is feared that the other two children ate the same ice cream, but no one saw them eating it. He said that teams from Jaipur and Jodhpur Medical Colleges have reached the area. “We are continuously monitoring the area,” he said. Around 300 houses have been surveyed and 58 samples have been sent to the lab of Jaipur.