Dehradun: The Government of India has written a letter to the Government of Uttarakhand to improve the condition of ponds in the state. In the letter, a demand has been made from the state government to get rid of the encroachment on the ponds. Responding to this, the state government has intensified the exercise. There used to be 3000 ponds in the state but more than 500 ponds are reported to be lost. As a result, the state government would bulldozer over the encroachments at the place where the ponds were once located.

Earlier, Udhamnagar and Haridwar districts had maximum number of ponds in the state. According to government figures, there used to be about 3000 ponds in these two districts. However, residential areas were built around the ponds, and after settlements, the ponds disappeared. The district magistrates of both the districts have been asked to prepare a report mentioning the old condition of the ponds and the encroachment.

According to Irrigation Minister Satpal Maharaj, “the state government will expeditiously complete the works assigned by the central government.” Satpal Maharaj said that there is no doubt that if the amount of water below the land remains plentiful, it will benefit both the farmers and the public. If there is encroachment on the ponds, then immediately the encroachments should be removed and the ponds should be revived.

He told that the work of desilting the ponds will be done at a fast pace. Satpal Maharaj said that at many places the land mafia has occupied the settlements on the ponds and action will be taken there too.