Indian Railways has announced that passengers traveling from Delhi-Katra in Vande Bharat Express are no longer allowed to carry non-vegetarian food on the ship. It is worth noting that passengers traveling from Delhi to Katra will now get a completely vegetarian atmosphere in the train, not just in terms of food. The kitchen where the food is cooked, the waiters who serve them, and other “neutral” ingredients such as cleaning supplies, soap, and the like would all have dealt with only vegetarian dishes.

With the new rules, the Delhi-Katra Vande-Bharat Express has become the first train in the country to get the Satvik certificate. By signing a contract with the NGO Satwik Council of India, IRCTC decided to extend this recognition for some trains running from Vande Bharat to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi, Katra to holy sites in Jammu and Kashmir. According to an expert of the Sattvik Council of India, there are plans to implement it in 18 more trains including Vande Bharat to Varanasi. After the completion of this campaign, regular trains will be run for Satwik.


Producer Abhishek Biswas of the Sattvik Council of India says that the Vande Bharat train had to go through several procedures before getting the certificate of sattvik. In this the method of cooking, the kitchen, the serving and storage utensils, as well as the way of keeping them were all assessed. The certificate was given only after completing the entire process.