The Union Health Ministry has denied getting the first case of sub-variant ‘XE’ of the Omicron variant of the corona virus in the country. Hours after a patient was reported to have been infected with a new form of corona, the health ministry said existing evidence does not indicate the presence of a new variant. However, BMC said on the issue that in today’s INSACOG meeting it was asked to send the index data to NIBMG for further analysis to confirm the XE variant.



Health ministry sources said after first case report that the sample’s FastQ files, called XE variants, were thoroughly scrutinized by INSACOG genomic experts Was. It has been hypothesized that this type of genomic structure is not related to the genomic image of the ‘XE’ variant.

A BMC official said that the first case of X-ray, which is a more contagious form of corona, was reported in Mumbai. In February, a sub-variant of Omicron was found in a South African woman in Mumbai. The woman has no other symptoms and has recovered.

He said that one case of coronavirus was also confirmed during the CERO survey. He said that sequencing of 376 samples of 11th batch in the Genome Sequencing Lab yielded results. Earlier cases were also reported in Mumbai in the form of Kappa. According to the CIRO survey, out of 230 samples sent from Mumbai, 228 were claimed to be of Omicron, one Kappa and one Xe variant. The condition of the patient infected with the new version is not critical, the official said.