Raipur, 6th April (H.S.). Free uniforms will be distributed to the children studying in government primary and secondary schools of Chhattisgarh before school admission. Director Public Instruction has instructed the officials of the Education Department to complete the work of distribution of free uniforms by June 16.

According to the information received from the School Education Department, all the students of the state will be provided two sets of uniforms, one set each for the students of registered madrasas before the summer vacation on June 15. The school head will make sure that all the eligible students of his school are compulsorily distributed the uniforms on or before June 16, the day of school admission.

General Manager Handloom Union and Assistant Director, Directorate of Public Instruction at the state level, Divisional Joint Director at the Divisional level, District Education Officer at the District level, Block Education Officer at the Block level and Cluster In-charge or Coordinator, Depot at the Block level for the time bound distribution of uniforms. Depot manager at the level and head of the institution at the school level will act as the nodal officer.

The necessary route charts for the transportation of uniforms by the handloom union – district wise, block wise, cluster wise, date wise, time wise should be given to the concerned nodal officers, divisional joint operators, district education officers, block district education officers and cluster in-charges before time. All the cluster coordinators should complete the work of setting up adequate building, location for systematic unloading and maintenance of uniforms. Uniform Distribution Entry School’s uniform register and its entry in the departmental portal www.ssachhattisgarh.gov.in. After distribution by the Handloom Association, if there is a shortage of uniforms in the district due to unavoidable reasons, the demand letter will be sent within seven days.