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Udaipur, 07 April (H.S.). Shrinathji temple, the main seat of Vallabh sect located in Nathdwara in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, various rituals in Vitthalnathji temple and auspicious Yagnopaveet (Janeu) rites in Vallabhvilas took place on Wednesday with rituals.

The Janau rites of Goswami Vadanyaray Bawa and Goswami Dwijraj Bawa were performed in the special presence of former royal family member of Mewar Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar in Vallabh Vilas of Vallabh sect, located one and a half km away from Shrinathji temple complex. In this Janeu Sanskar, Lakshyaraj Singh presented visa to both the batuks under the Mewari tradition going on from the princely state of Mewar. After this Lakshyaraj Singh had darshan of Shrinathji and Vitthalnath. On this occasion, Peethadhish Kalyan Rai Maharaj, Goswami Harirai Bawa, Goswami Dr. Vagesh Kumar, Goswami Vishal Bawa were also present.

During this, Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar said that Shrinathji Peeth of Vallabh sect has been providing inspiration to crores of Vaishnavas settled in Mewar and the country and the world to be always ready for the protection of religion and culture by following ideal life values. A living example of this is the rising tide of faith and belief in Lord Shrinathji for centuries. The devotion of Lord Shrinathji and the tradition of Vallabh sect from ancient times intensify the faith of Sanatan culture in our future generations.