A new form of Kovid-19 has been discovered in the country. A hybrid mutant strain named XE has been found in Mumbai. The Mumbai Municipal Corporation has clarified that no serious symptoms have been seen so far in the newly infected patient.

According to medical reports, the XE type is said to be a hybrid mutant strain of Omicron subtype – BA.1 and BA.2. The first case of the XE type was detected in the UK on 19 January. Here, the World Health Organization has also issued instructions regarding the precautions regarding the XE type of omicrons.

Affected female South African, 50 years old

The state health department clarified that the samples of the patient concerned would be examined and only then the new version would be sealed. A preliminary investigation of a 50-year-old South African woman in Mumbai has revealed a new version of XE.

in India from February 10

The victim woman had come to India from South Africa on February 10. In a corona test on 27 February, the person was found infected with Kovid. His sample was sent to the laboratory of Kasturba Hospital in Mumbai for genetic sequencing. Preliminary investigation revealed that it was an XE variant. Although subsequent GISAID tests have shown that the version is XE, it has been decided to re-sort the sample at a national laboratory to confirm the new variant.

no symptoms in women

The female patient did not show any symptoms. In a second Kovid test, a woman was found to be Covid negative. The Health Department said in a statement that the change in the genetic form of the virus is a natural process and the general public needs to take precautions without any fear.

It’s hard to say right now how dangerous the new variant is

In this context, Dr. Meenakshi Bhattacharya, Head of Medical Department and Corona Virology Study, Government Medical College (Valley), Aurangabad, said that the new variants are of omicron type. Its name is BA.1, BA.2 and it is not yet clear how dangerous this new variant is and how many people will be affected by the variant so the intensity of this variant cannot be said right now.

He said that to make yourself and your family safe, vaccination should be done, senior citizens should be given a booster dose and everyone should follow the corona rules.