Today the holy days of Navratri are going on. Starting from Saturday 2nd April to Monday 11th April, these nine days are considered very auspicious on the day of Navratri. The devotees of the mother long for the blessings of the mother by doing all kinds of austerities and remedies. In such a situation, devotees also request the mother to protect themselves from evil forces. It is said that during these Navratri days one should wear black thread to defeat evil forces. It is believed that black thread protects from evil eye.

Let us tell you that many people wear lockets made of black thread around their hands, feet or neck. According to beliefs, black thread protects from evil eye and evil forces. According to mythological beliefs, black thread not only protects from evil eyes or powers, but it also leaves no stone unturned to make a person wealthy by keeping away from other problems in life. That’s why people choose very auspicious days to wear this thread. These nine days of Navratri are considered very auspicious for this work. It is said that the love and blessings of Mother Queen are also added to these black threads worn these days.
These are the beliefs about the black thread

By using black thread, one gets freedom from money crisis. This experiment done on Saturday or Tuesday gives immense benefits. According to the belief, people troubled by money crunch, take a long black thread with one hand in the Hanuman temple on Tuesday or Saturday, touch this thread with the idol of Hanuman ji and put nine knots in it and put a little in it. Sindoor on the toe of Hanumanji’s right foot. Take it and put it on this thread. Then tie this thread in the safe of your house. By doing this, you will start getting a lot of money by removing the obstacles coming in money. Keep in mind that while doing this whole experiment, do not talk to any other person.

Apart from this, the remedy to remove long-standing disease is also chewed in black thread. According to the beliefs, if a person is running ill for a long time, then by tying a black thread on the toe of the patient by taking the name of Hanumanji, the patient gets well soon.
Black thread is also very miraculous in protecting one from sorcery. According to the beliefs, if there is a suspicion of doing witchcraft in someone’s house, taking black thread on Tuesday, taking the name of Hanumanji, dividing it into four parts and tying it in all the four directions of your house, then all the negative energies get away. Get out of the house.

Apart from all this, black thread is considered to be very effective in removing many other problems. According to mythological beliefs, to cure white spots on the body, by tying a seven-layer black thread around the neck, this problem goes away in a few months.
To avoid the problem of weak hair, tying black thread in the hair before sleeping at night stops hair breakage.

If the tree planted in the garden of your house is not able to grow properly, then according to the belief, by tying a black thread on that tree, the tree starts growing quickly.

There are very strong beliefs about black thread in case of young children, in which children have fear, glare, nightmares in their sleep at night, then they should be tied with black thread while touching the idol of God in Hanuman temple. All the troubles go away.