new Delhi: In Vastu Shastra, there are rules for every corner of the house. It is especially fruitful if things are done according to the rules. There are certain rules in Vastu Shastra for drawing room, bathroom, puja hall and kitchen. What things should be kept in the kitchen, so that the house can be protected from Vastu defects. Also, which utensils are considered auspicious to keep in the kitchen. Also what things should be kept where. If the kitchen is not kept clean according to Vastu, then many problems arise. Here are some tips on how to find or get an appointment for antiques. So let’s know about these rules.

Vastu Kitchen Rules

  • According to Vastu, it is considered auspicious to put pictures of fruits and vegetables on the gas stand. On the other hand, making a picture of Mother Annapurna brings happiness and prosperity in the house.
  • Insects, spiders, cockroaches, rats etc. should not be allowed in the kitchen. Keeping the kitchen clean brings happiness in the house.
  • The first offering is considered auspicious.
  • It is believed that keeping a respectable place in mat, chaurang or plate always brings progress in the house.
  • Do not wash hands after eating food. Also do not place the plate under the actual gas stand, table, bed or table.
  • If the kitchen faucet is leaking, fix it immediately. Also, spilling water from the pot is also not good. Therefore, utensils should not be leaked in the house.
  • Once a week, except on Thursdays, be sure to wipe with sea salt. Due to this, there is no negative in the house.

how to keep utensils in the kitchen

  • Instead of iron and steel utensils in the kitchen of the house, keep brass, copper, silver, brass utensils.
  • According to Vastu, food should be eaten in a brass vessel and water should be drunk in a copper vessel. Doing this is beneficial for religious and health.
  • It is believed that copper and copper have positive energy. The atmosphere of the house remains calm.
  • According to architects, do not cook food in any German or aluminum utensils in the kitchen. It is injurious to health.